Repairing the Glass in Classic Cars

Repair auto glass Classic cars are a huge draw for many vehicle owners and collectors, but most classic cars need frequent exterior and interior repairs. When restoring a classic car, the parts an owner needs are different from the parts used in modern cars. Repairs to auto glass can be particularly tricky, because the dealer […]

Protecting Your Car From Theft

Car windshield repair Auto theft is a common crime and even with high-tech alarms and other safety precautions, it still occurs. If your car is stolen and the police find it, it will likely be damaged or gutted for parts. Taking steps toward preventing a car theft can give you peace of mind and decrease […]

Three Things Your Wipers Are Trying to Tell You

Repair auto windshield Most drivers pay attention to their windshield wipers only when they stick, squeak, or don’t do their job. In reality, you should inspect your wipers often to prevent problems before they occur. Prevention is always better than cure, especially when dealing with windshield damage. Understand what windshield wiper deficiencies are telling you […]

Protecting Your Windshield From Insect Damage

Repair auto windshield Insects can do much more damage to your windshield than simply leaving behind unsightly marks. Certain bugs have acidic entrails that damage your car, leading to chipped paint, dangerous windshield residue buildup, and marks on your glass that are impossible to clean. By protecting your car from insect damage, you save yourself […]

Dealing With Auto Repairs After an Accident

Car glass replacement Car accidents are upsetting and stressful. It can be difficult to know what to do about your auto repair, but that doesn’t mean it has to add to your emotional and physical tolls. Here are the four steps to take after a car accident to make your auto repairs efficient and stress-free. […]

Budgeting for Car Glass Replacement

Car glass replacement Budgeting for auto repairs means you should prepare for as many issues as possible. While your budget may have enough room for a new transmission or brakes, you might not be properly budgeting for car glass replacement. It doesn’t have to be first on your priority list, but you shouldn’t skimp when […]

Why You Need Glass Repair Professionals

Car glass repair There is a wide range of do-it-yourself options relating to your vehicle, but glass repair isn’t one of them. When vehicle damages call for car glass repair, you need a professional to ensure the future safety and integrity of your vehicle. Improper Installation Can Cause Accidents When you try to replace your […]

Does My Insurance Cover Car Glass Repair?

Car glass repair Ideally, auto insurance is comprehensive – covering every type of vehicle damage. Yet many insurance companies don’t offer coverage for everything, including car glass repair. Check to see if your insurer covers car glass repair before signing a new policy or updating an old one. Your policy may only cover certain types […]

Common Summer Windshield Issues

Windshield replacement While most windshield protection tips focus on shielding your car from ice and snow, there are many summertime windshield hazards to be aware of as well. During the warmer summer months, your windshield can incur damages from overexposure to heat, thunderstorms, and other dangerous conditions. Knowing how to protect your auto glass this […]

Five Ways to Protect Your Windshield

Windshield replacement Most vehicle owners believe they have to accept the fact that their windshield is at risk of damage. Between inclement weather, roadside debris, and construction zones, it’s easy to think you have no way of protecting your windshield from danger. Fortunately, there are ways you can protect your windshield from cracks, breaks, and […]