Repairing the Glass in Classic Cars

Repair auto glass

Classic cars are a huge draw for many vehicle owners and collectors, but most classic cars need frequent exterior and interior repairs. When restoring a classic car, the parts an owner needs are different from the parts used in modern cars. Repairs to auto glass can be particularly tricky, because the dealer likely does not make the same glass it used to for your classic car. Use these top four tips on how to repair the auto glass in classic cars properly.

Check for Cracks or Chips

From years of sitting in the sun, driving around the country, and just everyday wear and tear, the auto glass on your restoration is most likely chipped or cracked in at least one place. For small chips and cracks, it’s easy to repair the auto glass without needing to replace it. If the glass is tempered, however, you may not be able to repair cracks. Checking for cracks and chips is important, because even minor cracks can easily turn into larger ones over time.

Look for Deep Scratches

Often, classic car windows have telltale signs of damage from malfunctioning car parts. Scratch marks occur when the weather-stripping on a car wears down and the windows are operated anyway. The metal in the doorframe creates permanent scratches down the length of the window, causing the need for repairs or replacement. Scratched glass can depreciate the value of your classic car and is worth the cost to repair auto glass.

Find the Right Glass

The best way to ensure you replace or repair auto glass that’s damaged is to find a trusted local company with expertise in classic cars. Many companies have the ability to order the piece of glass from the year, make, and model of your classic car, whether from the dealer or from an aftermarket distributor. For the best classic car restoration, you’ll want to go with an auto glass company that can get you glass from the dealership. Having all the original parts will make your classic car worth the most money.

Trust an Expert to Repair Auto Glass

When it comes to your classic car, you can’t have just anybody performing repairs. Improper repairs and poor glass installation can harm the integrity of your vehicle and lead to more-expensive repairs down the road. Classic cars need the utmost care and proficiency when it comes to repairs to ensure the driver’s safety and car value.

You may be tempted to DIY your auto glass repairs to save money on the restoration, but this is rarely a good idea. Installing the wrong type of glass, or installing it incorrectly, can lead to the glass vibrating in its frame and cracking – making you spend even more money to have it repaired or replaced. Trust the experts from the beginning and save yourself the added money and hassle.

Need to Repair Auto Glass in Tulsa?

If you’re currently restoring a classic car that needs repairs on auto glass, contact Glass Works Auto Glass for high-quality craftsmanship and care. We’ve restored broken classic car auto glass back to its original glory, and we can do the same for your vehicle.