Protecting Your Windshield From Insect Damage

Repair auto windshield

Insects can do much more damage to your windshield than simply leaving behind unsightly marks. Certain bugs have acidic entrails that damage your car, leading to chipped paint, dangerous windshield residue buildup, and marks on your glass that are impossible to clean. By protecting your car from insect damage, you save yourself the cost of repairs and prevent dead bugs from depreciating your car’s value.

Repair Auto Windshield Damage Immediately

Cleaning off dead bugs right after you’re done driving makes removal much easier. When you let dead bug residue bake in the sun on your windshield, it can cause stains that won’t rub off without scratching your windshield. Instead of waiting until bug season is over to repair auto windshield damage caused by acidic entrails, do it daily. It might be bothersome, but immediate damage control will ultimately save the integrity of your vehicle.

If you can’t see through your windshield clearly, you run the risk of getting into a serious accident or collision. Don’t wait for bug buildup to become dangerous before you repair an auto windshield. Make sure to clean up bug debris, especially after long drives.

Use the Right Tools

The best way to protect your vehicle from bug damage is to apply a strong coat of wax to the front. Waxing the hood and bumper every other week protects your paint job and ensures the acids from the bugs’ entrails won’t penetrate through the wax or ruin your paint. While you can’t wax your windshield, you can use appropriate preventive products such as Rain-X. You can’t prevent bugs from hitting your windshield, but you can make the cleanup less challenging.

Filling your windshield washer reservoir with a strong (window-safe) cleaner can make cleaning dead bugs off much easier. Often, you can use the cleaner with your windshield wipers to remove bug residue the moment a bug hits your car – avoiding a buildup that could impede your vision. Find windshield cleaner specifically designed for cleaning bug residue at your local auto shop.

Never scrub dead bugs off your windshield with anything other than a soft microfiber cloth. It may take longer to clean, but it’s the only way to ensure you don’t permanently scratch the glass.

Drive at Night Instead

Whenever possible, especially on long road trips, choose to drive at night instead of during the day. Many species of bugs are active during the day and dormant at dusk and nighttime. Drive when you have the smallest chance of hitting bugs to limit the amount of damage your windshield incurs. If this isn’t possible, bimonthly waxing and Rain-X will minimize car and windshield damage from dead bugs.

Need to Repair an Auto Windshield Due to Bug Damage?

If you’ve accidently caused permanent damage to your windshield trying to remove dead bugs, don’t worry. Glass Works Auto Glass will assess the damage and perform high-quality repairs or replacement. Contact us if you need to repair an auto windshield due to bug-related damages, and we’ll give you a free price estimate for repairs.