Car glass repair

Ideally, auto insurance is comprehensive – covering every type of vehicle damage. Yet many insurance companies don’t offer coverage for everything, including car glass repair. Check to see if your insurer covers car glass repair before signing a new policy or updating an old one. Your policy may only cover certain types of glass damage or certain pieces of glass. Knowing what your insurance covers before an accident can you save you money in the future.

Read Your Policy

In general, broken glass is handled under the Comprehensive Physical Damage Coverage section of your car insurance policy. When a car insurer sends you a copy of the policy, don’t simply accept it without readings its stipulations. For information regarding car glass repair, skip to this section and read about your coverage, deductible, and more information.

Almost every car insurance company lets you access your policy online, using your user ID and password to login. You can access the terms of your policy at any time, and contact a representative of the company with questions regarding auto glass. If you want to know whether a company covers car glass repair before you sign a policy, ask the insurer to send you a copy of what your coverage would be before saying yes.

Understand the Cause of Damage

In many cases, a car insurance policy will only cover car glass repair if the damage occurred in an accident. Liability insurance has no deductible, so if you did not cause the accident, you can get the glass repaired at no cost to you. If you were at fault for the accident, the repair is still covered, but you’ll need to pay your collision deductible.

If something other than an accident caused auto glass damage, such as vandalism, inclement weather, or debris hitting your glass, speak with someone at your insurance company to learn if these damages are covered. If you have comprehensive coverage, your insurance company most likely covers the cost of car glass repair regardless of the cause. However, if you only have collision coverage, it will not cover the repair.

Report Damage to Your Insurance Company

When you speak with your car insurance representative, be honest about how the damage occurred. The insurance agent can tell you if the car glass repair is covered, how much your deductible will be if you have to pay one, and what to do from here. They will lead you to a respectable auto glass repair shop in your area to assess the damages and make any necessary repairs.

The best way to ensure your insurance policy covers car glass repairs is to check before an accident occurs. That way, you won’t be blind-sided by an out-of-pocket repair cost after the fact.

Work with Us for Your Car Glass Repair Needs

After you call the insurance company, call Glass Works Auto Glass for a free estimate of how much the car glass repair will cost. We’ll work with your insurance company if the repair costs are covered. If your insurance doesn’t cover the repair, compare our price estimate with other companies in the area. Our aim is to save you money on your car glass repair in Tulsa.