Budgeting for Car Glass Replacement

Car glass replacement

Budgeting for auto repairs means you should prepare for as many issues as possible. While your budget may have enough room for a new transmission or brakes, you might not be properly budgeting for car glass replacement. It doesn’t have to be first on your priority list, but you shouldn’t skimp when it comes to budgeting for auto glass repair.

Buy Smart Now to Save Money Later

The best way to cushion your wallet from unnecessary car glass replacement costs is to start on the right foot before an accident happens. If you buy a car from the dealership, the glass is from the dealer and therefore has the correct specifications for your vehicle. If you buy from a private owner, you need to have the glass checked by a professional before driving the vehicle.

Perhaps the last driver replaced the glass on his or her own, creating the risk of improper installation and glass vibrations. Maybe the owner did not bother repairing cracks and chips at all. When you take the time to ensure the safety and integrity of your auto glass from the beginning, you’ll save money on major repairs in the future.

Keep a Suitable Emergency Fund

Calculating a proper emergency fund and taking steps toward reaching the goal can give you ultimate peace of mind. Preparing for the future means when a car glass replacement is necessary, you won’t be blind-sided by the cost.

There is no one number for how much you should have in your auto emergency fund, since it depends on your vehicle. Generally, people budget the equivalent of 5 percent of the value of their cars saved for emergencies. For a higher-end model, priced at $30,000, that means you should have at least $1,500 for emergencies. In a $5,000 used vehicle, count on having about $250 for emergencies.

Understand Your Car Glass Replacement Options

While having the BMW logo on your replacement windshield is tempting, you don’t necessarily have to buy auto glass from the dealer or even from an original equipment manufacturer distributer. Many vehicle owners opt for aftermarket auto glass to cut costs. Aftermarket glass may not be made to the exact specs your original glass was made to, although it will be cheaper.

Car glass replacement costs vary depending on the situation, but you can ensure the most bang for your buck by comparing local price estimates. Never settle for a company that won’t give you an estimate beforehand – you may be stuck paying much more than at a different company. Smart budgeters shop around and choose the lowest-cost car glass replacement available to suit their needs. Weigh the cost vs. value of your replacement, and make sure you’re getting the best quality for your money.

Trust a Reputable Auto Glass Company

When you need car glass replacement you can trust, come to Glass Works Auto Glass in Tulsa. Our technicians can guarantee high-quality crack and chip repair and replacement. We offer free price estimates, so you can make sure you get the best deal in town.