Windshield replacement

While most windshield protection tips focus on shielding your car from ice and snow, there are many summertime windshield hazards to be aware of as well. During the warmer summer months, your windshield can incur damages from overexposure to heat, thunderstorms, and other dangerous conditions. Knowing how to protect your auto glass this summer can save you the hassle of a windshield replacement in the future.

Sun Exposure

Leaving your car parked in the sun at work or during a trip to the grocery store can cause your windshield to heat up. Heat causes glass to expand, placing pressure on existing cracks or chips. When the metal frame and other materials holding your windshield expand, it causes the outer edges of your windshield to expand while the center remains the same.

Contraction can cause new cracks and make your auto glass more brittle. Avoid this common summertime problem by parking the shade. While sunshades protect the interior of your vehicle, they cause heat to pass back through windshields – failing to protect the glass. Use a car cover for maximum sun protection.

Running the A/C on High

Although blasting the air conditioning during the hot summer months is tempting, creating an atmosphere where the interior of the windshield is substantially cooler than the exterior can weaken the integrity of the glass. The combination of extreme cool and extreme heat makes auto glass expand and contract rapidly. Keep your A/C on medium or gradually increase it to high to give your windshield time to regulate temperature.

Inclement Weather

Summertime in Oklahoma puts us at risk of severe weather, including hailstorms, tornadoes, and even earthquakes. Protecting your glass in inclement weather is vital to preserving its stability. Don’t drive if there is a severe weather warning, and park your car inside a garage if possible. If you have to leave your car outside, invest in a car cover (or a blanket) that completely covers your vehicle. This will act as a buffer between your auto glass and hail or other storm debris.

Don’t park underneath trees or unstable structures such as carports. In the event of a tornado or severe winds, tree limbs can fall onto your car and smash your windshield. Unstable structures are at risk of collapsing onto your vehicle. During a summertime storm, it’s best to either park in a sturdy garage or out in the open.

Construction Debris

Summer is the perfect time for construction companies to work on the roads. With no snow or frost impeding work, you’ll often see an increase in construction zones on the roadway. Construction vehicles and roadwork can cause pebbles and gravel to fly up at your windshield while driving. Avoid construction zones if possible or drive slowly through them to avoid flinging debris into the air.

Request Windshield Replacement Near You

If your windshield is damaged this summer, contact the technicians at Glass Works Auto Glass for expert windshield replacement or any other car window or car glass. We offer mobile windshield replacement for your convenience and will give you a free quote so you can compare our prices with other shops in Tulsa.