Protecting Your Car From Theft


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Auto theft is a common crime and even with high-tech alarms and other safety precautions, it still occurs. If your car is stolen and the police find it, it will likely be damaged or gutted for parts. Taking steps toward preventing a car theft can give you peace of mind and decrease your chances of becoming a victim. Protect your car by follow these four useful tips for preventing theft.

Lock Your Car and Take Your Keys

When you leave your vehicle unlocked, you are almost inviting someone to take it or at least take what’s in it. Even if you’re in a “safe” neighborhood, lock your car, especially at night. Criminals and car thieves often target wealthier neighborhoods. Avoid the temptation to leaving your car unlocked with the keys inside; a criminal only needs one opportunity to snatch your car. Don’t be an easy target. Lock your vehicle and take your keys.

Park in Well-Lit Areas

If you park in an area that’s far from the building, hidden from view or away from streetlights, the odds of it getting stolen or broken into are much higher. Sticking to the shadows is the best way of stealing a car, even if it’s locked. If you have to go out at night, park directly under a streetlamp or in plain view of where you will be. Keep your eye out for security cameras as well. Cars tend to be safer in areas with cameras and obvious security. These details are particularly important if you are parking overnight.

Never Leave Your Car Running Unattended

A running car is an invitation for car thieves. Even if your vehicle is parked somewhere you can keep an eye on while you make a quick trip, you won’t be able to get to your car in time to stop a theft. Some like to run their cars in winter to warm them up; consider a remote starter for warming up your car in the winter. The engine will warm, but your car will stay safely locked.

Take Care of Your Vehicle

In some cases, if your car looks worn, needs car windshield repair, or has other damage, a thief is more likely to take it since there is a lower chance of the vehicle being found. Newer cars have tracking devices and will be seen easier by police. If you keep up with the maintenance of your vehicle, including proper car windshield repair, you can decrease the likelihood of it being stolen.

Call (918) 610-9967 If a Thief Breaks Your Auto Glass

If someone smashed your auto glass to steal your belongings or your stolen car was returned with broken glass, don’t hesitate to call Glass Works Auto Glass for help. We’ll give you a free estimate to give to your insurance company. If you’re paying for it out of pocket, use the estimate to compare our prices with other companies. We hope you never have to experience a robbery, but if you do, trust us with your car windshield repair and beyond.