Will I Get Pulled Over For Having A Cracked Windshield In Tulsa?

Cracked Windshield Repair

Cracked Windshield RepairDriving around Tulsa with a cracked windshield is usually not a good idea because the state of Oklahoma has very specific regulations that could end up costing you some of your hard earned money.

In this article, we will be covering all the relevant laws and regulations pertaining to windshield cracks and obstructions on a state and local level.

Oklahoma Cracked Windshield Laws

Windshield with shot damage or star breaks that are greater than three inches in diameter must be repaired or replaced.

It is illegal to drive a vehicle on public roadways in Tulsa if the windshield has two or more hairline or stress cracks that are equal to 12 inches or more when combined if they are located in the windshield wiper swipe area on the driver’s side.

Areas of damage or outright breaks that are severely cracked, allow air to pass through or can be felt with a fingertip are not permitted on any portion of the windshield.

Consequence Of Driving With A Cracked Windshield In Tulsa

Drivers who break the law in Tulsa can face of fine of $162.  However, if you repair or replace your windshield and provide proof to the courts, your fine can be reduced to $132 dollars.

Additional Windshield Laws In Tulsa

Oklahoma laws prohibit driving with an impaired or obstructed view of the road.  This means no objects hanging from your rearview mirror and no GPS device mounted on your front windshield.

Replacement windshield glass must be of the same kind and quality as the original windshield.

Finally, all vehicles must have windshield wipers that are in good working condition.

How Big Of A Crack Requires A Windshield To Be Repaired Or Replaced?

According to federal regulations, windshield cracks or chips smaller then ¾ of an inch in diameter are permitted if they are not located within 3 inches of another crack.

Additionally, any cracks or chips that are directly above the steering wheel, two inches from the and one inch from the side must be repaired.

Is Your Cracked Windshield Illegal?

If you have questions about your cracked windshield, we have certified professionals standing by to make sure your windshield is legal.

If your windshield does need to be repaired or replace, we offer mobile services throughout the city of Tulsa and are able to complete the job as long as the sun is shining!

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