: Auto glass repair

When most people think of auto glass repair, they probably assume there is only one type of glass used for all vehicles. However, there are many different types of auto glass for mirrors, windows, and windshields, depending on your vehicle. Different types of auto glass repairs call for different types of glass – some will be better for your specific vehicle than others will be. Knowing the type of glass your vehicle needs helps you make smarter, safer auto glass repair choices.

Laminated Glass

If your vehicle is involved in a collision, laminated glass breaks without shattering into sharp shards. Laminated glass is made of two sheets of glass stuck together with polyvinyl butyral (PVB).

This sort of glass can take heavy impact and remain in a sheet, even when it breaks. Typically, vehicle windshields are made with laminated glass to prevent sharp pieces of glass from being launched into the driver or passenger’s face during an accident. Due to the structure of laminated glass, it acts almost as a barrier if a passenger is thrown into the windshield.

Tempered Glass

In most vehicles, the door windows and rear window are tempered glass instead of laminated glass. Since the odds of human impact into these windows during a crash are reduced, laminated glass is unnecessary. Instead, automakers use tempered glass – single-ply glass treated by rapid heating and cooling. This process creates stronger, more durable glass compared to untreated single-ply glass.

Similar to laminated glass, tempered glass will not break into dangerous shards during impact. Instead, it will shatter into small, pebble-like pieces without the risk of it cutting passengers. Cracks in laminated glass can be repaired, but due to the structure of tempered glass, it will need to be replaced if it is damaged.

Dealer, OEM Distributer, or Aftermarket Glass?

When you need to replace your auto glass, you’ll have the choice of buying glass from the dealer, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) distributer, or aftermarket. Purchasing auto glass from a dealership certified to service your vehicle ensures you get the same level of craftsmanship as the original piece of glass. If you want glass with the logo of your vehicle stamped on it, go to the dealer.

Another option is buying from the OEM distributer, which offers auto glass according to the same specs as the original glass, but not necessarily from the same distributer. The only difference between this glass and glass from the dealer is that a different company makes it. Your third option is buying aftermarket from a company with no connection to the OEM distributer. Aftermarket glass is usually cheaper and of a different thickness than OEM or dealer glass.

Your Tulsa Auto Glass Repair Shop

If you need help choosing the right type and origin of auto glass for your vehicle, contact Glass Works Auto Glass for advice you can trust. Our experienced technicians know exactly what type of auto glass your vehicle needs to function safely and will come to your location to perform mobile auto glass repair. For any auto glass cracks, chips, or breaks, we have the ideal solution.