Top 3 Reasons You Need Windshield Repair

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Your windshield can be damaged in more ways than you think. From auto accidents to weather-related wear and tear, your windshield faces potential hazards every day. A cracked windshield presents a major safety concern — if the crack is on the driver’s side, it could obscure your sight while driving and cause an accident.

Even small starburst cracks can spread into larger problems. Look out for these three common causes of windshield damage to prevent a problem in the future. If your windshield does fall prey to one of these hazards, count on mobile windshield repair to fix it without you having to drive the disabled vehicle.

Extreme Cold Weather

Winter in Tulsa is snowy, and frosty windshields can imped your morning commute to work. Unfortunately, frost is more than just an annoyance – it causes damage to your auto glass. The cold weather can cause existing chips and cracks to worsen, especially if you don’t scrape your windshield carefully. Hailstorms can also chip your windshield if your car is exposed to the elements during a storm.

Pouring hot water on your windshield is a major safety hazard, as it causes the glass to expand and contract. Getting small cracks fixed before winter arrives is the best way to avoid a bigger issue down the road. Call the best mobile windshield repair company in Tulsa to come to your location before the cold weather sets in, and check your windshield for cracks or chips. A mobile auto glass repair company can fix small problems before they worsen.

Driving Through Construction Zones

Often, construction vehicles leave behind loose rubble during road construction. While driving through a construction zone or other gravel road, slow down and be extra cautious. The vehicle in front of you can throw small pebbles and pieces of gravel into the air, hitting your windshield with enough force to cause a crack. If you’re driving behind a construction vehicle, keep plenty of distance between it and your car.

The day you see or hear a small rock fly up and hit your windshield, contact a mobile windshield repair company to come fix it. You may not see a small starburst crack as a major issue, but it can grow to a much larger crack, impeding your vision or landing you with a traffic ticket.

Poor Windshield Installation

If the windshield on your car has been replaced and the company did a subpar job, it can lead to major problems. A loosely installed windshield will vibrate while you drive, causing cracks. If you notice a crack on your windshield but can’t remember anything striking it, you most likely have a case of poor installation. Contact Tulsa’s #1 mobile windshield repair company to come to you for the repair so you don’t risk further vibration and damage.

If your windshield has cracks, chips, or other damage, don’t hesitate to call the mobile windshield repair technicians at Glass Works Auto Glass. Call us at 918-610-9967 for a free repair estimate, and receive high-quality mobile windshield repairs you can trust.