Protecting Your Car From Theft

Car windshield repair Auto theft is a common crime and even with high-tech alarms and other safety precautions, it still occurs. If your car is stolen and the police find it, it will likely be damaged or gutted for parts. Taking steps toward preventing a car theft can give you peace of mind and decrease […]

Why You Need Glass Repair Professionals

Car glass repair There is a wide range of do-it-yourself options relating to your vehicle, but glass repair isn’t one of them. When vehicle damages call for car glass repair, you need a professional to ensure the future safety and integrity of your vehicle. Improper Installation Can Cause Accidents When you try to replace your […]

Does My Insurance Cover Car Glass Repair?

Car glass repair Ideally, auto insurance is comprehensive – covering every type of vehicle damage. Yet many insurance companies don’t offer coverage for everything, including car glass repair. Check to see if your insurer covers car glass repair before signing a new policy or updating an old one. Your policy may only cover certain types […]

Repair or Replace? Determining the Best Course of Action for Auto Glass

Auto glass repair Deciding whether you need to repair or replace auto glass can be difficult. Repairing versus replacing depends on many factors, including your budget, what your insurance covers, and what type of damage needs repairing. Most vehicle owners aren’t familiar with what types of damage are irreparable. Use these four signs to determine […]

Repairing Different Types of Auto Glass

: Auto glass repair When most people think of auto glass repair, they probably assume there is only one type of glass used for all vehicles. However, there are many different types of auto glass for mirrors, windows, and windshields, depending on your vehicle. Different types of auto glass repairs call for different types of […]