Three Things Your Wipers Are Trying to Tell You

Repair auto windshield Most drivers pay attention to their windshield wipers only when they stick, squeak, or don’t do their job. In reality, you should inspect your wipers often to prevent problems before they occur. Prevention is always better than cure, especially when dealing with windshield damage. Understand what windshield wiper deficiencies are telling you […]

Repairing Different Types of Auto Glass

: Auto glass repair When most people think of auto glass repair, they probably assume there is only one type of glass used for all vehicles. However, there are many different types of auto glass for mirrors, windows, and windshields, depending on your vehicle. Different types of auto glass repairs call for different types of […]

Auto Glass Companies: Why GlassWorks Auto Glass is the Best

It is understandable to want to the most hassle-free experience when dealing with auto glass companies. For more than twenty years, GlassWorks Auto Glass has been providing spectacular customer service and exemplary workmanship on auto glass repair and replacements. We developed criteria and standards to which we hold all our employees to ensure the safety […]