Protecting Your Car From Fire Damage


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Hopefully, you’ll never face fire damage to your vehicle, but unfortunately, it does happen. Whether there’s a house fire that affects an attached garage, a car engine fire, or even a fire from a controlled burn, you need to know how to protect your vehicle from fire damage. In the event of a fire emergency, you’ll be glad you took the time to protect your assets.

Get an Insurance Policy with Additional Coverage

Most insurance policies do not automatically come with fire and theft coverage. Instead, you have to make sure they are added on to your policy. If you don’t know whether you’re covered for fire damage, contact your insurance company for an overview of your policy. Your agent will be able to add Combined Additional Coverage (CAC) insurance for fire and theft if you feel you need it. When your insurance covers fire-related damages, you can make car windshield repairs and other repairs without worrying about the cost.

Prevent Fires from Starting

Drivers can’t control everything, but there are measures you can take to prevent car fires from happening. Protect your vehicle from the risk of fire by understanding your car’s electrical system. A large percentage of car fires begin with an electrical hazard such as short circuit or a faulty fuse.

Take the time to understand how your vehicle is wired and scout for potential hazards with an auto professional. You can decrease the risk of a car fire by keeping up with proper electrical maintenance. If you smell smoke coming from your engine or your car overheats, it may be a sign to replace your radiator. Keep up with your vehicle’s routine maintenance to avoid a potentially serious fire hazard in the future.

Avoid Fire-Related Damages

Not all fire-related vehicle damages are caused by fire itself – ash from wildfires and bonfires can also cause damage. When the elements of ash mix with water, it forms potassium hydroxide – a chemical with a corrosive effect. This can result in “chemical etching” on your vehicle, scratching your paint and even your auto glass. If your area is going to do controlled burns, cover your car or put it in a garage. Protecting your car from ash can prevent costly exterior damage and the costs of car windshield repair.

What to Do if Your Car Catches on Fire

While most car fires are small, head-on collisions or other severe accidents can cause fuel explosions. If you’re involved in a car accident that results in a car fire, follow these steps: First, turn the engine off to avoid overheating and electrical sparks. If your car is filling with smoke, open your doors or windows for ventilation. Get as far away from your vehicle as possible and call 911.

Glass Works – Your Comprehensive Car Windshield Repair Shop

At Glass Works Auto Glass, our technicians have seen a wide range of car damage. If fire or ash has damaged your auto glass, contact us for car windshield repair you can trust. If you’ve filed a claim with your insurance company, we’ll give you a cost estimate to compare with other shops before you pay for repairs.