Auto Glass Companies: Why GlassWorks Auto Glass is the Best

Glass Works Auto Glass Tulsa

It is understandable to want to the most hassle-free experience when dealing with auto glass companies. For more than twenty years, GlassWorks Auto Glass has been providing spectacular customer service and exemplary workmanship on auto glass repair and replacements. We developed criteria and standards to which we hold all our employees to ensure the safety and quality of our services, and we pride ourselves by meeting those criteria 100% of the time.

Working with Insurance Companies

Of course, you make the most important choice when deciding which auto glass companies you choose to make repairs on your car. Some insurance companies try to direct, or “steer,” clients to one of their “preferred” shops rather than encouraging you to go with the shop with which you feel most comfortable.

Job steering is illegal, and we don’t participate in it; and we don’t have much respect for auto glass companies who do.

What Makes GlassWorks Auto Glass Unique

Our auto glass specialists undergo a rigorous certification process, particularly for the correct use of adhesives. Adhesives hold windshields in place, so using them correctly is the most important part of a secure, safe installation. Any auto glass company should be able to tell you exactly what kind of training their technicians have had. If they’re vague or unsure about it – stay away!

GlassWorks Auto Glass use OEM, or original equipment manufacture glass, which meets the highest standards of quality for safety. It’s on par with glass that comes from the factory. Tulsa auto glass companies that don’t use OEM glass are potentially putting their customers at risk. Don’t settle for a risky budget job that might result in bigger repairs down the line. High quality materials equals high quality repairs.

Our auto glass technicians are prompt, professional, clean cut, bonded, and insured. Unlike some auto glass companies, we perform background checks on all of our staff and demand a high degree of professionalism in our customer service. Our technicians treat our customers with courtesy, politeness, and respect. Customers say that our technicians are “fantastic and professional,” “polite and professional,” and “truly lifesaving – and great in a crisis.” Let us prove it to you!

It may seem daunting to differentiate between the auto glass companies in your area. But if you’re looking for the highest-quality option, GlassWorks Auto Glass won’t steer you wrong. Our reputation for honest, quality work and fair prices has made us a leader in auto glass repair in the Tulsa area.

To find out more about Tulsa’s #1 auto glass repair companies, request a free auto glass repair estimate online or call us at 918-610-9967. We’ll show you the GlassWorks difference!