Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Mirror Cracks

Repair auto glass

Mirror cracks and breaks are some of the easiest to ignore, because drivers mistakenly believe mirror damage is harmless if the mirror is still usable. In reality, even minor mirror damage can impede vision and result in a serious accident. You need to replace or repair auto glass and mirrors as soon as possible to prevent vehicle damage and personal injury.

Small Chips Lead to Major Problems

Starburst chips, hairline cracks, or other minor mirror problems can turn into bigger issues. When small cracks are exposed to the cold or the heat, the glass expands and contracts – making small cracks much larger. If you ignore mirror damage while it’s still minor, the problem won’t go away on its own. In fact, it will only get progressively worse until you have to replace the glass entirely. Instead, repair auto glass as soon as the damage occurs.

If a crack is large enough that the glass falls out of the frame, you’ll be stuck with one less mirror. Every mirror on your car serves an important purpose. If one of your mirrors is out of commission, your vehicle is unfit to drive. Call a mobile auto glass repair company to come to your location and fix the mirror instead of risking a drive over to repair it.

Mirror Cracks Impede Vision

In your small side mirrors or rearview mirror, it doesn’t take a very large crack to impede vision. Cracks that show black on your mirror completely block the reflection. This leads to difficulties discerning blind spots, backing out of a parking space, and checking if it’s safe to change lanes. If a bicyclist or pedestrian is exactly where your mirror is cracked, you’ll have no way of seeing them in time to avoid a collision.

Cracks in your mirrors can also distort the image you see, leading to driver error and potential accidents. Image distortion can make the object in your mirror appear farther away or closer than it really is – making safe driving impossible. Instead of ignoring mirror cracks until you can no longer see at all, repair auto glass cracks immediately before you cause an accident.

Repairs Now Can Save Money Later

As with all of your auto glass, repairing cracks on your mirrors sooner rather than later will ultimately save you money. The more you drive around with a cracked mirror, the higher your chances are of the crack getting larger and larger until your option for repair disappears and you have no choice but to pay for a replacement.

If you repair auto glass soon enough, it can be a cheap and easy fix. Waiting until the crack enlarges, however, means you’ll most likely have to replace the entire mirror instead of having aa quick repair. Save yourself time, money, and stress by getting your mirrors repaired as soon as possible.

Your Solution for Repairing Auto Glass in Tulsa

If one or more of your mirrors is cracked, chipped, or broken, have it repaired or replaced right away. Don’t assume your vehicle is safe to drive. Contact Glass Works Auto Glass for mobile repairs to auto glass, and let us come to you.