Steps to Take When Someone Breaks Into Your Car

Finding your car with a broken window and missing items can leave you with a pit in your stomach. The first thing on your mind will be reporting the damage and missing items. Unfortunately, you will also have to focus on getting the windows or doors repaired. Being prepared can help ease the stress of the situation. Here are some steps you will have to take in the event of a break in:

File a Police Report

Do not move your car or its contents before you file a police report. Document all of the damages by taking pictures. Depending on the circumstances, the police department may send an officer over to file a report. If the break-in is not severe, they may just ask for your photos and for a report to be filed at the police station.

Protect and Personal Information That Was Taken

If any debit and credit cards were taken, get in contact with your bank. Cancel your cards right away to avoid further theft. If any information was stolen containing your date of birth, place a fraud alert on your credit record to avoid any accounts being opened in your name

File an Insurance Claim

If your car insurance offers comprehensive coverage, break-in damage will be covered. File a claim with your company to determine what they will contribute toward any necessary car repairs.

Repair Your Car

Getting your car repaired is the best way to prevent another theft. A broken window or door makes your car an easy target and you could be at risk. After you have determined your insurance benefits, bring your car to a trusted auto shop to make the window or door repairs. Glass Works in Tulsa offers quality window repair and is ready to help.

How to Prevent Future Theft

A car break in is something no one wants to experience. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to help prevent a theft in the future:

  • Make sure your car doors are always locked.
  • Install an alarm system on your car and make sure it is activated whenever you are not in the vehicle.
  • Take valuable objects, such as your wallet or smartphone, with you whenever you leave the car, no matter how long you will be gone. Hide any valuables you need to leave in the car. GPS systems can be tucked away in the glove compartment, and shopping bags in the trunk.
  • Report any activities that are out of the ordinary or suspicious. Contact police if you notice anyone strange peering into your car or others on your street.

Having your car broken into can be a very stressful experience. Being prepared gives you the tools you need in case this unfortunate event ever happens to you.