How to Find the Best Auto Windshield Replacement in Tulsa

Finding the best auto window replacement in Tulsa should be a stress-free experience. Be sure that the shop you choose focuses on the necessary rules and regulations, so that repairs are done in safest manner possible. All auto window replacement shops are not created equal, so do your homework to find the shop that will be the best fit for you and your car.

Everything You Need to Know About Your Windshield

How much do you really know about your windshield? Probably very little. Your windshield is more than just your window to the world—it is there to protect you in the event of a car accident. It is considered a safety device because it is an integral part of the car’s structural strength.

When choosing a windshield replacement specialist in Tulsa, be sure they are meeting Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. These standards require shops to ensure the safety of the windshield is maintained during repair or replacement.

Tips to Consider When Choosing a Window Replacement Specialist

While it may be easy to choose a window replacement specialist based on the price tag alone, there are other important factors to consider. Your windshield is a necessary safety feature of your car. Here are some tips to consider while choosing the best auto shop for your needs:

  • Research local shops. Rather than just calling to ask about services, visit a few shops in person. During your visits, take note of each shop’s credentials and make sure that they are a licensed auto repair facility
  • Ask the shop how long the repairs will take. If they give you an estimate of less than an hour, they are not using a proper adhesive or do not have enough knowledge about windshield replacement.
  • Avoid any auto shops that are not using OEM parts, which are made by the manufacturer for your vehicle. Ask the shop what type of glass they will be using and make sure it is compatible with the safety features of your vehicle.
  • Find out if their glass technicians are certified. Special requirements need to be met to properly repair or replace windshields and windows. Professionals who have these certifications will provide the best service.
  • Check out the warranty. Auto glass replacement shops should provide a lifetime warranty on the windshield. Warranties should cover manufacturer defects, leaks, and workmanship.

Scheduling Your Window Replacement

Once you have determined the best shop for your needs, you are ready to schedule your appointment. Glass Works in Tulsa ensures that all of your safety and quality repair needs are met. Glass Works prides itself on offering the highest standard in the auto glass replacement industry, and their certified technicians will replace your auto glass efficiently and leave your car looking like new again.