How to Know if the Chip in Your Windshield is Repairable

Minor chips in your windshield may seem like a small issue, but they have the potential to cause bigger problems. Sometimes, what appears to be a tiny crack actually can require a windshield replacement. A windshield repair specialist in Tulsa can give you a better idea of the type of chip you have in your windshield and if, and when, it should be repaired.

What Type of Chip Do You Have?

Most window chips occur when an object, such as a rock, hits the glass. Where the object impacts your windshield will determine what type of crack you have. If the object hits the sides of the windshield, you may see a long crack across the windshield. If the impact happens in the center of windshield, you likely will have a starburst-type crack. Here is a list of the common types of windshield crack:

  • Chip – A chip in the glass is caused by a small object that causes a tiny piece of glass to come off of the windshield.
  • Bull’s Eye – This type of crack is usually caused by a rock or object that has a circular shape. This looks similar to a chip in the windshield, but is larger.
  • Combination Break – A combination break is multiple breaks and cracks that are on the windshield. This usually occurs when multiple chips happen at the same time
  • Edge Crack – An edge crack occurs within two inches of the edge of the windshield. This type of crack is caused by an impact on the wedge of the glass and a crack will occur right away..
  • Floater Crack – A floater crack occurs anywhere in the middle of your windshield.
  • Half-Moon Chip – A half-moon chip is similar to a bull’s eye, and is caused by a rock or other object but does not complete a full circle.
  • Star Break – When there is an impact point from a rock or other object, there can be a small series of cracks coming off the impact point. These cracks resemble a star or spider web.
  • Stress Crack – This type of crack occurs without any impact to the windshield. Usually, a stress crack is caused by extreme changes in temperature on the windshield, such as washing your car with extremely cold water after it has been sitting in the hot sun.

Can Your Chip Be Repaired?

Typically, chips and some cracks can be easily repaired. These repairs are determined by the size, type, depth, and location of the chip or crack. Seeking out an auto glass specialist, such as Glass Works in Tulsa, can give you a better idea of the severity of the chip and if it can be repaired.

Schedule Your Repairs Today

Most chip and crack repairs are covered by your car insurance. Having these repairs taken care of is a simple way to avoid replacing your entire windshield. Chip repairs typically take about 30 minutes until you are ready to drive your car again. Glass Works offers mobile windshield repair services and will come to you if your schedule doesn’t allow you to bring your car into the shop. Contact them today to get your windshield services scheduled.