Are your windows stuck? Are you having trouble getting your power windows to go up and down? Maybe it’s time to get them checked out by a professional! Our team of power window repair technicians at GlassWorks Auto Glass is ready to help you identify the problems and get those power windows working smoothly in no time.

Power Windows Need Attention

Power Window Repair Sand Springs OKSince they rely on such a complex technological design to operate properly, power windows inevitably need repair throughout the years. There are four major mechanical elements included in power window operation: the power window motor, the power window regulator, the bracket, and the control switch. While all four parts are essential to keep power windows in action, the most important component is the window regulator.

The Importance of the Window Regulator

The window motor powers the window regulator, which raises the glass up and down within the bracket. This feature of power windows is composed of several small gears working together with a mechanical plate, linkages, and a support bar to move the window safely along its tracks. As all the elements blend simultaneously to move the window, they can easily malfunction. Sometimes the motor is unable to respond to the signal from the control switch, and sometimes the regulator can’t carry about the organized process necessary to complete the motion.

Choose the Power Window Repair Professionals

Trying to fix power windows without the appropriate training and skill can result in more costly damages. Go to an expert at GlassWorks Auto Glass first to receive the best service in Sand Springs. Our shop has served the Sand Springs community since 1991, and we continue to enjoy a loyal customer following.

People are amazed by our timely work and professional attitude about all auto glass matters. Power window repair is one of our specialties, and our technicians use their average 15 years experience to offer the best service in the industry.

Power Window Repair On-the-Go

GlassWorks Auto Glass offers mobile car window repair services, so when you are too busy to visit the shop, you can still receive the repairs you need to keep your car in excellent condition. Whether you are experiencing internal issues with the regulator or general mechanical issues, our skilled technicians are ready to help!

Ready to Experience the Difference?

We make a point to impress customers with efficiency and effectiveness. This combination distinguishes us from competitors in the area. We work closely with each customer to find the best financial options for power window repair, and we make sure we do our job quickly to help you stay on schedule for the rest of the day.

Don’t go to anyone else next time your power window gets stuck! Request service online with GlassWorks Auto Glass to get a free quote, or to schedule mobile window repair services call 918-610-9967.

I heard about Glass Works Auto Glass through Ford. My car was broken into Thursday night, and they came out on Friday and fixed it within an hour. Great customer service over the phone, and very nice in person. There is no additional charge for at-home service. They even vacuumed out the broken glass.

– Candace P., Broken Arrow, OK

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