Power windows rely on complex mechanical procedures to operate smoothly, so don’t be surprised when they need a little repair to stay on track. This is a natural part of owning a modernized car, and knowing who to trust with your power window repair needs in Owasso is an important part of owning a car.

Who Can You Trust?

Power Window Repair Owasso OKGlassWorks Auto Glass has played an important part in Owasso’s glass window repair industry for almost 25 years, and customers demonstrate a fierce loyalty to our services after experiencing the advanced skills and expert knowledge of our technicians. We are proud to announce our technicians share an average of 15 years of experience in the field. This type of expertise can’t be found elsewhere!

Identifying Power Window Problems

Issues with power windows arise from a variety of factors. Given the complex makeup of their mechanical processes, they can become easily damaged or develop problems. Power windows are composed of four major elements:

  • The window motor
  • The window regulator
  • The bracket
  • The control switch

When these components aren’t perfectly in sync, power windows can become jammed and need repair. Although all parts are necessary for proper functioning, the most complicated aspect of power windows is the window regulator.

Understanding the Power Window Regulator

After the window motor activates the window regulator, the regulator is responsible for moving the window up and down while the bracket holds it in place. The regulator is a product of a combined effort from five mechanical elements, which includes:

  • Worm gear. This works together with the spur gears to activate the mechanical plate.
  • Spur gears. Partnering with the worm gear, the spur gears signal the mechanical plate to lower or raise the glass.
  • The arms serve as additional support for the glass window.
  • A mechanical plate. This element is responsible for moving the window up and down.
  • A support bar. Along with the linkages, the support bar keeps the window in the right place.

Whenever any of these elements experiences a problem, the entire operation is brought to a halt and requires professional attention.

Get Your Power Windows Moving Again!

Stop waiting, and contact GlassWorks today! Request service online or call 918-610-9967 and one of our professional power window installers will contact you to get your power windows moving again in no time!

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