A car windshield replacement in Jenks, OK, can be done by professionals at GlassWorks Auto Glass or we can service your vehicle at your location through our mobile car window repair service. Windshields play an important role on the road. They intercept many dangerous objects like rocks, flying trash, and other harmful items which can result in a cracked windshield. Events like this are nothing to fear—GlassWorks has the perfect solution for all your auto window repair needs!

GlassWorks #1 in Car Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement Jenks OKCar window replacement isn’t something most people plan for, but our technicians provide quality windshield replacement services for the most competitive prices in the industry. Jenks residents applaud the work of GlassWorks Auto Glass, and choose our services over other members of the auto window replacement community. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our team is skilled in car windshield replacement.

Why is auto glass replacement important? Driving with a cracked windshield is dangerous, so if you have a cracked windshield, stop immediately and call one of our skilled car windshield replacement team members. GlassWorks Auto Glass professionals are trained to work on any car and any model, so don’t hesitate to contact us by requesting a service online. Regardless of the type of damage—cracked windshield or chipped windshield—we are eager to help you identify the best options for windshield replacement.

Car Windshield Replacement + Insurance

GlassWorks Auto Glass accepts most major insurances and we will even bill them for you. Many insurance companies cover the expenses involved in a car window replacement, but when they don’t, our team is committed to finding the most cost-efficient method to assure you can drive safely and without the hazards a cracked windshield or broken car window can bring. A technician will quickly assess the damage and provide a windshield replacement quote to help you decide how to proceed.

When is Windshield Replacement Needed?

Some windshield cracks or chipped windshields are quite small and are easily fixed with a simple repair. These small cracks are often the size of a quarter or less. Anything larger needs a close examination by a windshield replacement technician to determine the best route for repair. Once we have inspected the damaged windshield, we will prepare a windshield replacement quote for you. Using wisdom is the most important thing. Avoid driving with a cracked windshield and find a qualified auto glass replacement provider like GlassWorks Auto Glass to perform repairs as soon as possible.

Auto Glass Replacement: Glass Selection

Three types of glass are primarily used for auto window replacement: original manufactured, OE dealer, and after-market auto glass. The quality of the materials is reflected in the price. The original manufactured glass, which is glass made specifically for the make and model of your vehicle is ultimately desired. OE dealer glass adheres to similar specifications without the having the same distributor, while after-market glass isn’t made in connection with any type of car company. All three options provide excellent solutions, and our technicians will help you decide on the best option for your specific situation.

To experience the best car window replacement service in Jenks, request glass replacement service online or call 918-610-9967 to speak with one of our experts and receive a free windshield replacement quote today!

I heard about Glass Works Auto Glass through Ford . My car was broken into Thursday night, and they came out on Friday and fixed it within an hour. Great customer service over the phone, and very nice in person. There is no additional charge for at-home service. They even vacuumed out the broken glass.

– Candace P., Broken Arrow, OK

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