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Having Power Window Problems?

Bixby Power Window RepairDon’t fret! GlassWorks Auto Glass is a leader in Bixby power window repair, and we’re ready to help. The way power windows are designed makes this type of issue incredibly common for all car owners. After using power windows constantly for many years, the mechanical elements inevitably start wearing out. Fortunately, the technicians at our shop are equipped to offer the best services in Bixby.

How do we fix power windows?

The team at GlassWorks Auto Glass assesses the problem and quickly identifies which part of the power window is malfunctioning. After pinpointing the problem spot, a technician starts work on power window repair. Hiring a professional power window installer is important for success. With the complicated mechanics involved, it’s wise to trust someone familiar with the composition of power windows.

How do power windows work?

Power windows are composed of a variety of mechanical elements working together to move the glass up and down. Four main components run the operation: the window motor, the window regulator, the bracket, and the control switch. When these elements are in sync, power windows run smoothly along their tracks, but when one part of the procedure ceases to function correctly, the entire process is in jeopardy.

Why is the window regulator most important?

This element of a power window is the most complex. It is composed of five different working parts: worm gear, spur gears, linkages, a mechanical plate, and a support bar. All parts must coordinate together to lower and raise the window without getting stuck. As the worm and spur gears begin rotating, the mechanical plate receives the signal to move the window up or down. The linkages and support bar provide additional stability to the window as it moves. Without each part performing its job precisely, power windows can’t work correctly.

Are mobile power window repair services available?

Although our technicians often complete repairs in under an hour, mobile car window repair is available to busy professionals, parents, and individuals who don’t have time to stop by the shop. Our mobile window repair services are comprehensive. Whether you need a part replaced or mechanical attention, our technicians are prepared for any challenge!

Bixby’s First Choice for Auto Glass Repair

People have a wide range of options when choosing an auto window repair and replacement service in Bixby, but GlassWorks Auto Glass continues to impress the community with their diligence, expertise, and overall quality service. We’ve been actively serving Bixby for over 30 years, and our technicians continue to amaze customers by offering the most efficient, high quality skills and superior knowledge in the industry.

Get Your Power Windows Moving Again!

Stop waiting, and contact GlassWorks today. Request service online or call 918-610-9967 and one of our technicians will help get your power windows moving again in no time!

A real downside of living on Riverside is the number of car windows broken out. So I have had way too much experience with autoglass replacement. Never less, the experience we had with Glass Works was positive. The service was quick and the price was reasonable.

Paul T., Tulsa, OK

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