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Windshield damage happens to everyone. Roads are filled with tiny, dangerous flying objects, like rocks and trash particles, waiting to hit cars and create tiny cracks in the windshield. While these cracks may seem insignificant, smart car owners will immediately contact the most trusted auto windshield repair technician in Bixby to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Affordable Windshield Repair

Bixby OK Car Windshield RepairGlassWorks Auto Glass makes auto windshield repair affordable for everyone in Bixby, OK. While insurance companies sometimes cover this type of repair, we also offer alternative, cost-friendly options, so repair is always an option. We also offer a free windshield repair quote so customers can compare our prices with other names in the Tulsa glass window repair business.

Don’t Ignore Windshield Cracks

The worst thing you can do with a cracked auto windshield is ignore the damage. The cost of simple repairs is small, but letting the problem spread can result in the need for windshield replacement, requiring more money and time. You might be tempted to ignore a small crack, but with any type of added flex, expansion, or force, cracks grow quickly into threatening issues.

Two Types of Windshield Cracks

The two types of cracks to look for are starbursts and bullseyes. The starburst shows many cracks pointing in different directions, while the bullseye resembles a small bowl. Any crack smaller than the size of a quarter is a candidate for glass window repair. Unfortunately, larger cracks often require more extensive measures.

Fast Windshield Crack Repair

Many people avoid car repairs because they can’t afford the time needed to perform the necessary procedures. At GlassWorks Auto Glass, technicians work quickly to make sure every customer receives their windshield crack repair in 30 minutes or less.

Mobile Windshield Repair

For customers with more demanding schedules, GlassWorks Auto Glass provides mobile car windshield repair. We dispatch a technician to your office or home to complete repairs without interrupting your busy schedule.

Experienced Auto Windshield Repair

The technicians at GlassWorks Auto Glass are the most talented auto glass repair experts in the Tulsa area. With an average of 15 years of experience, they are ready to fix any type of windshield crack in record time. Their skills allow them to provide customers with a lifetime guarantee, which makes the investment worthwhile.

Don’t be discouraged when you notice a crack in the windshield. GlassWorks Auto Glass is a reliable source of quality service and timely repairs. Our technicians are ready to repair windshield cracks, and work quickly to make sure you don’t waste any time.

Don’t let your windshield cracks go for one more day! Request service online or call 918-610-9967 to speak with an auto windshield repair expert from GlassWorks Auto Glass now.

A real downside of living on Riverside is the number of car windows broken out. So I have had way too much experience with autoglass replacement. Never less, the experience we had with Glass Works was positive. The service was quick and the price was reasonable.

Paul T., Tulsa, OK

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