Does My Insurance Cover Windshield Repair?

Some insurance companies don’t cover windshield repairs, but it’s vital to find one that does. Windshield problems can depreciate your car’s value and make driving unsafe. If you don’t know how to obtain replacement windshields and repair insurance coverage, you’re not alone. Learn how to tell what you’re covered for and protect yourself in the future.

Insurance FAQs: Repair and Replacement Windshields

As a driver, it’s always a good idea to understand what your insurance covers. Then, in the event of an accident, you won’t be unpleasantly surprised if you already understand your car insurance policy. Nearly every insurance company has a variety of online resources so you can learn more about your coverage. If you don’t know your online login information, call to find out.

Most people don’t understand the difference between liability insurance and comprehensive insurance or they are unsure which type they have. If you have the minimum amount of insurance legally allowed in Oklahoma, it’s safe to assume you have liability insurance only. Liability insurance covers damages to other vehicles, but not to your own. Therefore, your replacement windshields or repairs will not be covered, and you’ll have to pay out of pocket to fix it.

Comprehensive insurance is an add-on you can choose during the checkout process when you sign up for an insurance policy. If you want to add comprehensive coverage later, your insurance agent will be more than happy to handle that for you. Comprehensive coverage may pay for cracked or broken windshields, car theft, damages from natural causes, and other types of damage.

While comprehensive insurance coverage comes with a higher monthly premium, it’s worth it if you have a more expensive or newer vehicle. It will save you from paying for your vehicle’s damages out of pocket in an accident, including replacement windshields. To find out what type of insurance you have, call your insurance company and talk with an agent.

Talk to Your Agent

As soon as glass damage occurs, whether it’s a minor chip or major crack, contact your insurance company. The longer you wait, the worse your crack or chip will get. Waiting to fix a crack can result in the damage worsening – leading to more-expensive repairs. This is something you want to avoid if you pay out of pocket for replacement windshields or repairs.

Your insurance agent has one job – to help you get the exact coverage you need. Calling your insurance agent and asking about your windshield repair coverage is the Number 1 way to find out what you’re covered for. If you don’t have a direct line for an insurance agent, call your company and they will set you up with your own personal agent.

Work with a Reliable Local Auto Glass Company

Once you’ve contacted your insurance company after an accident, call Glass Works Auto Glass for a free estimate of repairs. You can compare our rates with other local auto glass shops and choose the best one to suit your needs. Find out if your insurance company deals only with one shop, but in general, you can choose your own. Trust Glass Works for high-quality reliable repairs and replacement windshields.