5 Ways To Maintain and Protect Your Car Windshield

protecting your windshieldYour car windshield is designed to stand up to some of the harshest treatment compared to other types of glass. It is designed so that it doesn’t shatter causing bodily harm when a rock or other foreign object hits it while driving down the road.

However, chips and cracks in your windshield can obstruct your view while driving and will continue to weaken the strength of your windshield. While your can’t prevent acts of God from damaging or destroying your windshield, there are some precautions you can take to help maintain the health of your car windshield.

Defensive Driving

Rocks and debris flying up from cars in front of you is not uncommon. Following too closely reduces the time you have to react when something comes flying your way. Being through a few defensive driving classes, it is recommended to follow at a safe distance.

On roads with a posted speed limit of 50 mph or higher, try to stay back 2 to 3 car lengths to give yourself some time to react at debris coming your way. Not only may you avoid windshield damage, you may also avoid a minor or major car accident.

Temperature Changes

Changes in temperature can cause your windshield glass to expand and contract. If you don’t have a garage to park in, you should try to find some shade to park in during the hot summer months. In the winter months, it may be difficult to avoid temperature changes but try to park close to a build or with your windshield facing down wind.

Repair Windshield Chips Immediately

Although windshield chips may seem insignificant, the can lead to big problems down the road. As the temperature changes and vibrations from music and potholes add up, it is likely that small little chip will turn into a big crack.

You can easily repair small windshield chips yourself. Simply head down to the local automotive store and grab yourself a windshield chip repair kit. These kits can be used on chips smaller than a quarter and are fairly easy to use.

Spoil Your Car with Nice Windshield Wipers

Cheap windshield wipers with metal backs can cause issues with your windshield over time. Since the metal backs don’t give way to the wear of the rubber wiper, it can put unnecessary pressure on your windshield and cause chips and cracks to expand faster.

We recommend going all out on the all rubber windshield wipers. These wipers apply just enough pressure to keep your windshield clear and last much longer than  the metal backed ones.

Avoid Chemicals

Harsh chemicals can lead to glass discoloration and even strip away the protective coating on your glass. Chemicals such as ammonia should be avoided at all costs.

You should use automotive approved cleaning products when cleaning your windshield. However, if you want to make your windshield cleaner use a vinegar and water combination.